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Greatest city ever

I would like to thank the people in this community who took the time to wave, smile and salute my dad — otherwise known as Mr. Miller — each and every day. My dad had major health issues, mostly due to his time served in war. He was diagnosed 10-plus years ago that he had six months to live but, with the help of this community, we proved them wrong. 

I want to take you through a normal day of his life as he lived it almost every day. First up, rise and shine at 6 o’clock everyday, rain or shine. Put the “phoo phoo juice” on, as he called it — cologne for the ladies — then out the door and on the way to his favorite place, Denny’s. 

Along the way, we received smiles and salutes and waves from almost every car we passed. This brought joy to his heart. Once at Denny’s, he had to yell — yes, yell — every day “Good morning, welcome to Denny’s” as we entered. Then, he had breakfast with his friends and the great staff at Denny’s, whom he considered family. Especially Amber and Diana, who he loved very much. 

When he was down health-wise, I’d use Denny’s as a goal to get him better. It worked, and he couldn’t wait to get better to be able to go there. After Denny’s, we continued to Safeway, another of his favorite spots. On the way again, we received many salutes and waves, warming his heart as we went. At Safeway, we strolled through not needing anything, but he wanted to see his friends there and say “hello.” 

Your time that you took to stop what you were doing and say “hi” gave him so much joy, and I thank you all for that. After Safeway, we continued through town to different places and all the while receiving waves and salutes along the way. 

This was a normal day for my dad, and I feel you the community helped me keep him going, along with Dr. Pinto and Dr. Wugoo and all the staff and nurses at Mee Memorial Hospital. The nurses he said were all his girlfriends and they treated him like family there, not just a patient. 

I feel that this community has helped me keep my dad going for this 10-plus years and I don’t think he would have been able to do this anywhere else. I will always be thankful to you, the City of King, and your kindness for letting me have my dad in my life for as long as I was able.

Thank you sincerely,

Brian Miller
King City

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