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Remarkable tour

Our thanks go to King City, Calif., for its participation in the America in Bloom national awards program.

Special thanks go out to Laurie Stanton, Phoebe Cheney, Mayor Mike and all of their members, staff, participants, sponsors and volunteers for organizing two remarkable days of tours and meetings June 7 and 8. We have enjoyed meeting and spending time with all of you as you showcased the many reasons King City has to be proud.

America in Bloom envisions communities as welcoming and vibrant places to live, work and play. Your judges will evaluate your efforts in the six pillars that make communities great — floral display, landscaping, urban forestry, heritage preservation, environmental initiatives and overall impression with community involvement in the residential, commercial and municipal sectors.

A written evaluation will be provided immediately following the national symposium held in Holliston, Mass., Oct. 5 to 7, where we will announce this year’s winners in eight population categories along with additional outstanding achievement and special awards. We welcome everyone to attend the symposium.

Again, thank you and we look forward to your return in 2018!

Sue Amatangelo and Laurie Waller
America in Bloom Judges
St. Charles, Ill., and Arroyo Grande, Calif.


A moving tribute

The American Legion Post 81 of Gonzales always presents such a moving tribute to the fallen heroes of our military. It is a fitting tribute to those who served and now rest in the Gonzales Cemetery. The American flags flying, the occasional wiping of the eyes and the reverence shown reminds me again why I’m so proud to live in this community.

Sometimes the post honors me by asking for me to lead the firing squad. This year was very special to me because of the volunteers that showed up to be part of the firing squad. Chief Keith Wise of Gonzales Police and officer Cesar Castillo, the adviser to the local Explorer Scouts, volunteered to be part of the squad, along with many more that wanted to honor those who have honored us by serving.

The explorer scouts Ulyses Fierros, Yesmine Lopex, Marcos Barajas, Jasmine Useda, Sean Javier and Edgard Arriola looking so squared away in their explorer uniforms, along with Andre Maturino from Gonzales and Logan Martin, who is the grandson of Shirley and Richard Piffero of Post 81. It is fitting to acknowledge Richard and Shirley, who led the fundraising drive to mount our own Memorial Wall at our Gonzales Cemetery. It is beautiful, and if you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to go by.

The members of Post 81, the police department under Chief Wise and all the citizens did us all proud to be there and stand for the fallen.   

George Worthy

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