To the Editor:

Josh Riley shared a valuable history lesson in the Dec. 30 edition (“Remembering the Time King City Cross Country Made History,” Dec. 30, page A5).

The 2018-19 accomplishments of a small group of dedicated youth, King City High Cross Country runners, inspire us to do our best, reach for lofty goals and deal with what happens whether or not it be the glory of winning.

Josh’s response to Covid’s denying the team its opportunity to shine in their senior year fills me with admiration for our new, young leaders. We elders may not be handing them the world we envisioned, but we can be comforted by their willingness to accept the challenge.

Instead of bemoaning his losses, Josh honors what he was part of, “I am honored to have run with those two teams,” he states. He closes his piece with gratitude to those who took the time to read his words, and with hope for the future we all share.

Thank you, Josh, and all the young people you represent. The country and the world may emerge from unprecedented challenges if we learn the lessons you have at a young age, and choose to live in light of those difficult lessons.

Susan Raycraft

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