To the Editor:

South Monterey County has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. There are new housing developments in every city. There is an increase in shopping opportunities and all of this is good. 

But one area has not kept up with the growth. I am referring to animal control.

More homes and more pets. The shelters in Salinas are filled to the brim. But there is nothing in South County. If your pet gets taken in by animal control, they will either go to the County shelter or SPCA, depending on whom your city contracts with. That means you have to drive up there, potentially missing work, to look for it. 

Our animals deserve better. We need a local shelter. I am contacting the city and county leaders — mayors of each city and our County supervisors — and I am asking for their support in working toward a shelter.

I am not looking for a fancy new building. But it seems to me they can find some place that would be clean and safe. I am asking the public to also contact our city and county leaders. 

I am just an average citizen, one person. My voice is small. But if many of us speak up, our voice can be heard — for the animals.

Lola Smith

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