To the Editor:

At the schools, we feed our students breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. If it is not safe at McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell and Carl’s Jr. here in Greenfield and other cities in the county, then it is not safe in the school cafeteria.

Move tables outdoors. Our schools are not just a substitute for day care. They are a place for higher learning, but all areas in the school have to be safe. All school employees must be vaccinated, including food handlers and cooks. No vaccination, and you work from home. That means Zoom (distant learning).

Yes, we want this to be over. The positive active cases in South County on Dec. 28 was 4,729. On Jan. 28, it was 959, and on Feb. 28, there were 96 active cases. On March 31, our active cases in South County was 16.

South County will be a safe place in a quick and short period of time. Get your vaccination. Continue to wear your mask, stay and work safe. Don’t celebrate too early and drop your guard.

This virus is still out there and it is just waiting at your front door of your home to come in and strike your family and our precious children. The biggest carrier comes from the outside (the tourist). It is up to you. We have to work together as a team. Stay safe.

Juergen Smith

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