To the Editor:

I am one of many UFCW Local 5 members who live and work in our community. We understand that competition can be healthy and that growth is inevitable. However, the City of King has failed to even consider the long-term impacts that the proposed Grocery Outlet strip mall will have on our jobs, wages and existing businesses in the area. 

The City has also decided to side with the Best Development Group, a Sacramento-based company, and ignore the need for comprehensive studies on the negative impacts this strip mall will have on traffic, emergency response times, the environment and limited water resources. 

The current traffic on San Antonio Drive and Broadway Street intersection is already a nightmare, and this is now before this project even starts. I know because I commute through that intersection every day. 

The City side-stepped any requirement to mitigate project traffic impacts by imposing the Class 32 exemption on this grocery store project and that is wrong. The City needs to do the right thing here and require that a full and comprehensive EIR be conducted before this project can be built.

We deserve to know how it will impact our community before it moves forward. 

Amelia Villanueva
King City

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