To the Editor:

With the passing of another Fourth of July “holiday,” other pet owners, veterans and myself can breathe another sigh of relief. Well, except that the Fourth of July “holiday” now seems to last a good month, as the selfish and irresponsible among our communities continue the “fun” they seem to have at the rest of our expense with little to no consequences.

I became a very proud citizen when I took my oath one Fourth of July. However, every year I dread the so-called “holiday” because of the trauma it causes. Personally, fireworks and the devastation they can cause to animals, veterans — not to mention homes and countryside — terrifies me more and more each year. We have become prisoners in our own homes, in order to protect our pets and our properties, and every year I find myself more and more relieved when it is over. I’m not saying this because I am not patriotic.

This seems like a super-sad state of affairs to me and I know I am not alone. I understand that law enforcement is very pressed most of the time, let alone this time of year. I would like to see a measure on the ballot to vote for much stricter penalties — large fines and felonies please — to try and change the way the celebration of our nature’s birthday has turned our communities into war zones.

No one cares about the slaps on the hand or the paltry fines that have been handed out thus far, and every year it gets worse. If I did not have livestock to protect, I would do what many of my animal-loving friends do and leave town this time of year. Oh, and then I would worry that my house would get burned down.

Please do something, powers that be. I am tired and disgusted. I understand the desire to celebrate, as much as the next person, but this has to be the most dangerous and obnoxious way to do it.

Thanks for listening. Now act.

Lucy Jensen

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