To the Editor:

On March 13, 2024, in Blackfoot, Idaho, a 39-year-old man broke into an elderly woman’s home and assaulted her. However, despite her injuries, the woman was able to defend herself with a gun; shooting and killing the man.

The lady was transported to the hospital and is expected to recover. The Pocatello Sheriff’s Office said, “She was harmed but she protected herself; a brave tough woman.”

This episode is another example of a woman using a gun to defend herself against an evil criminal. However, if she did not have her gun, it would have been the man’s physical strength against her physical strength. This brave, elderly woman stopped this man from assaulting other women, as he would have if she had not shot him; but she did, so now he won’t.

Too many times folks don’t realize a bad man has broken through their locked door until he is on them. Because of this, my daughter and granddaughters know how to use the rubber door stops they have in their hand bags. A rubber door stop will hinder and delay the criminal. This could help a woman defend herself.

J.J. Burnes
King City

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