Some types of debris at Lake Nacimiento include (from left) dirt and branches, a loose watercraft and a loose dock. (Contributed)

MONTEREY COUNTY — Monterey County Water Resources Agency is urging those who use or have access to Lake Nacimiento to retrieve and remove any private or personal property now floating in the lake.

The lake is currently experiencing a large amount of debris brought on by the recent storms, which is endangering the approach to the lake’s dam and spillway entrances. Branches, leaves and trees that fell into the lake’s channels are now floating in the reservoir.

The situation is compounded by litter and floating trash from past year’s recreational activities, which was swept into the reservoir along with larger items, such as abandoned docks, sheds, tires, even small boats and private docks now floating freely.

“As part of dam operations, there is a log boom in place to protect the approach to the dam and spillway entrances, but the amount of floating objects is so great that officials are concerned debris could damage or cause failure of that log boom,” according to a Jan. 26 news release from the Water Resources Agency. “Floating items are also a danger to other recreation users.”

The Water Resources Agency is acting now to remove hazardous floating debris and urging owners who have items that may have fallen into the lake to retrieve them. If cleanup crews encounter floating property, they will consider it abandoned and dispose of it.

Anyone with questions about removing items from the lake can contact the Water Resources Agency at 831-755-4860.

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