King City student band Equipo Elegante gets ready to perform at Chalone Peaks Middle School on June 10. (Contributed)

KING CITY — Many emotions ran through students and teachers on the last day of school June 10 at Chalone Peaks Middle School in King City.

Students received their yearbooks, while others earned their eighth-grade promotion certificate. It was the time to have friends sign yearbooks and take group photos for years to come.

In addition, live music from Equipo Elegante, a Sierreño band, performed on stage at the school. 

As the King City band played, there were several students cheering them on, enjoying the live music and dancing. English teacher Angel Reed took the moment and danced along with eighth-grade student Fernando Cortes.

Both teachers and staff were surprised to see two of their students perform in the band with such amazing talent, eighth-grader Juan Loa on base and seventh-grader Jose Cruz on guitar.

Equipo Elegante, which got together in October 2021, also features singer George Valencia and Bryan Solis on guitar.

“We just gathered friends who were willing to dedicate to something like this and we just like what we did,” explained Valencia on how the student band was formed. “We were staying out of trouble and showing love to everyone. It feels good that we get support from friends and family and we just keep moving on and having fun. It’s what we were looking for.” 

Equipo Elegante continued to perform as the school’s bell rang completing the 2021-22 school year. Many students remained on campus getting the band’s autograph in their yearbooks.

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