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King City
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March 27, 2023

King City code enforcement program

One of King City’s key efforts to improve the appearance and quality of life in the community has been an increased emphasis on its code enforcement program. Given the City’s limited resources, it is difficult to focus on every Code violation. Therefore, the City has been able to increase the effectiveness of this program by establishing key priorities. All other violations are handled on a complaint basis.

The City recently adopted more stringent nuisance abatement regulations and established a new code enforcement process. The process includes prioritizing issues, educating the public on top priorities, prioritizing violations, contacting individuals to request voluntary compliance, sending warnings, issuing citations, and ultimately the potential of placing a lien on the property if compliance has still not been achieved.

The top priority at this time is substandard rental housing. There is currently a housing shortage in King City, which forces many people to live in unsafe and difficult conditions. Many landlords are not investing in the level of maintenance necessary to provide their tenants with an appropriate living environment. The City prioritizes these properties based upon building safety concerns, seriousness of other violations and history of criminal activity. Top priority cases are then targeted until compliance is achieved and the next priorities are then identified and pursued.

When combined with efforts to encourage new housing projects, the City’s goal is to significantly improve the availability of quality housing over the next few years. Code enforcement is also one of the measures in the City’s Comprehensive Plan to End Youth Violence, which aims to address properties that are ignored and become havens for criminal activity.

The second current top priority is appropriate maintenance of structures and signage in the City’s downtown area, which is part of King City’s overall economic development efforts. To be most effective, the City has combined code enforcement efforts with incentives, such as façade enhancement grants. As a result, significant progress has been occurring and more is anticipated in the future.

The overall goal is to create a more vibrant downtown in order to attract new businesses, jobs and visitors. This will in turn help generate economic development and new businesses in other parts of the community.

One of the most common issues the City receives code enforcement complaints and questions about is loud noise during evening hours. No amplified sound is allowed after 10 p.m. Prior to 10 p.m., noise must be maintained at reasonable levels. Permits are not required for private parties, but noise regulations must be followed.

To report violations, you may contact the Police Department Dispatch non-emergency number at 385-8311. Normally, a warning will be provided and citations may be issued if the violation is not corrected.

The other most common complaint involves dogs running loose, which creates safety concerns for pedestrians, as well as animals. While an animal may be well trained, dogs may react unexpectedly when unusual circumstances arise, putting others and the dog at risk of injury.

In response, the City Council recently approved new more restrictive leash laws for dogs within the City to remove loopholes that formerly existed. As a result, all dogs in the City must now be on a leash held by a person or attached to a stationary object when on public property.

In addition, violations are now a misdemeanor. You may contact the Animal Control Officer at 385-8311 to report stray animals.

Code compliance is one of the best ways the community can assist the City. If everyone follows the City’s basic Municipal Code requirements, the City could reduce code enforcement activities and reassign staff to other important tasks. Most importantly, the quality of life for the entire community will improve if everyone takes pride in maintaining their property and are thoughtful and respectful to their neighbors. The City appreciates many dedicated local residents who work hard to help improve the community.

You may contact City Hall at 385-3281 or visit the City’s website with questions or for more information.

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