This is dedicated to “Jake the Snake!” — a good friend.

When you go into almost any store these days you can buy an item and then you are offered an “Extended Warranty.” I’m always so suspicious of this moment. I mean why are you selling this item if you think it is going to go bad? You buy a set of earphones. You are going on vacation and you want them to keep out some of the engine noise on the plane. Sure enough they do go out. You are in a strange country or neighborhood. Then what do you do? It’s enough to make a grown man cry. I never buy those extended warranties. I probably should have a couple of times but I trust folks and I remember a time when people had such pride of what they had made that you could depend upon it to last a long time.

That’s why I had such a good time this weekend. How does an extended warranty correlate to a wonderful weekend? Well, warranties are Kinda bad and when you get married that’s about as good a thing as you can do. Good bad? Get it? Anyway, back to the wedding; You make some pretty bold promises when the wedding official stands in front of you and says, “Till death do you part.” I mean, Loving, caring, taking care of. These are brave promises and today it’s like the headphones. You should be given an extended warranty. Nobody is the same after you are married. There are just too many things that can go wrong. You just have to trust that “Someone” is looking over you, helping you make decisions. And somehow you know that there is enough love to sustain bad times. They say buying a car or house is a big purchase. I’d say asking another to spend the rest of their life with you is a really big decision; bigger than buying a house anyway.

This Saturday I was asked to share when two wonderful young people made the promises I just mentioned. Jake and Krysta stood in front of a lot of people at a beautiful old barn on Old Stage Road and said, forever. I know Jake. His mother and father raised him right. I watched him grow up along with all his brothers. His dad is a good friend and did the remodel of my bathroom. His mother has been a good friend to my wife. When my boys were attending Mission School you met all the parent of the other kids. I didn’t know Krysta but I do know Jake and I’m sure he made a great decision to marry his love. I pray it is so.. There were no extended warranties implied or offered. I know he is happy and that’s all you can ask. My bride and I shared a couple of glances because Jake is the same age as my youngest heir. If it had been my son I’m afraid I would have insisted on a warranty. But then, some day my son will come to his mother and I and say, “I’m getting married.” How will I write about that?

Jake, Tommy, Doug and Nick. Four very handsome, smiling and loving guys. They are fun to be around, even if you are as old as I. Each one of them is a young man that most all women would be proud to have as a guardian of their daughters. I watched them all grow up and I feel close to the entire family. I was reminded of my own mother who never thought any of the women that we boys picked were good enough for her boys. It took a while before she figured out that we were happy and loved our wives very much. When she passed she was sure that her boys would be taken care of by their choice as a lifelong mate.

I don’t go to many weddings. I tend to mope around worried that I might drink too much or have a little too much fun. I always pay for that the next day. This time we left just in time. I felt great Sunday. Not just because I was a model of moderation but because two loving young kids so in love that they invited all their friends to share in their happiness. One can only hope that Jake and Krysta have as good a marriage as I have with Lorraine.

I have to mention that I met a wonderful guy named Bill and we sat and talked for a while. I found myself telling Bill how to lengthen his life by doing certain exercises. He said, “Well, I guess I’m doing pretty well for 91.” Yikes did I feel like I had egg on my face. We both came to the conclusion that God allows us to make our own decisions regardless as to whether we were given an extended warranty. There is guarantee in life. You take each day, wake up and give thanks and do the best you can, in love or work. Jake and Krysta are now off on their own may they be watched over and guided by Our Maker and Bill, you will stick around long enough to make me eat my words on longevity.

God Bless.

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