Steve Adams, City Manager, King City

The City of King has received an increasing number of calls from citizens regarding excessive speeding in residential neighborhoods. As a result, the King City Police Department applied for and received approval for two state grants totaling $102,500 to increase outreach, enforcement and technology. 

The program was recently developed and implementation has begun, which is designed to increase comprehensive traffic safety throughout the community.

The first grant is the Selective Traffic Enforcement Grant (STEP), which will fund several programs, including driving and bicycle safety public education; DUI education and check points; sobriety test training for police staff; purchase of radar equipment; and increased staffing hours dedicated to enforcement of traffic violations. 

The second grant will fund the purchase of an automated system to prepare reports for collision investigations, which will be electronically transferred to the State of California. This will save staff time and enhance the effectiveness of utilizing collision data to target enforcement where it is most needed.

Since the program is designed to focus enforcement on problem areas, it is helpful for the King City Police Department to collect as much data as possible. Residents are encouraged to contact the police department at 831-755-5111 to report hazardous driving incidents in progress and Sgt. Anthony Shaw at 831-386-5996 for ongoing neighborhood traffic safety problems.

During the first month of the program, the police department conducted four traffic safety operations totaling approximately 16 hours. During the operations, enforcement stops took place on a total of 36 vehicles, with 23 being issued citations and the remaining 13 issued warnings. Officers make a decision on whether to issue a warning or citation based upon the seriousness of the violation in conjunction with the roadway, pedestrian and neighborhood conditions.

The City will also be conducting new speed surveys during the next few months on major streets where they are needed. Speed surveys will evaluate and update the speed limits to ensure they comply with state guidelines. This will help ensure courts uphold violations issued by the officers.

Due to these activities, the community should prepare to see more outreach, education and enforcement. The City urges the public to drive carefully and abide by all traffic laws in order to avoid traffic citations, to prevent accidents and enhance safety, and to respect residents living in neighborhoods where you are driving.

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City Manager, King City


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