FILE — A goat assists on the south side of the lakebed at the Johnstown, Flood National Monument in Johnston, Pennsylvania on Oct. 2, 2010. (Photo courtesy National Park Service)

MONTEREY COUNTY — Monterey County is bringing in 600 goats to Jacks Peak Park for several weeks as part of a wildfire prevention program, county officials announced Thursday.

The goats are being brought in to eat thick vegetation and growth that can fuel wildfires.

Officials said the grazing program is part of a multi-strategy effort to reduce wildfire risk at the park and surrounding areas. The program is funded with a $116,789 grant from Cal Fire.

The goats will graze in an eastward direction along the park road and will graze a 100-foot to 200-foot area along each side of the road.

Crews have already cleared selected dead or dying trees in the area that pose fire risk, and after the goats have completed their work, the crews will return to remove additional debris exposed by the grazing, county officials said.

Monterey County has frequently used goats, known for their voracious appetites and ability to graze vegetation and reach low-hanging tree growth, to help clear county-managed areas during fire prevention and vegetation clearing efforts.

While at Jacks Peak, the goats will be supervised and protected by herders, dogs and electric fencing.

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