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I received a bit of a scare the other day while riding my bike on San Antonio Drive, not from any near incident with a vehicle but from a sight I beheld near the skateboard park. I assumed that unaware to me the city was in financial woes when I saw King City Chief of Police Keith Boyd moonlighting at a taco truck.

Don’t get me wrong, it is honorable work, but still. But upon investigating (who wouldn’t?) I found the chief was there with a few other law and code enforcement officers and city staff taking part in what was billed as “Tacos with a Cop”; befittingly it was held on a Tuesday. Nice to know why the chief was there and that he handled his duties at the end of a Tacos La Potranca cart very well.

This little get together with the public is not the only time local officers have mingled with John and Juan and Jane and Juana Does; there have been ice cream and coffee meetings at other locations in town. These efforts on the part of the police department have been, and should be, attended by as many residents as possible.

Meeting the members of your local law enforcement strengthens ties in the community and makes for better communications, which can lead to more citizen assistance when crimes do occur. Any officer will tell you that information, tips in cop slang, is always welcome from witnesses as many offenders are thus identified.

So, the next time you folks hear of one of these “Cops and Whatever” events, you may wish to mosey on over and get to know some of the men and women who are putting it on the line for you every day.


Today was deadline for applicants to file for an open seat on the South Monterey County Joint Unified School District board of trustees. I hope the sitting trustees and others in the decision-making process to fill this vacancy have plenty of applicants to choose from.

Board decisions are important to the present and future of the two high schools and so are important to the present and future of their respective cities, and for this reason there needs be as much diversity as possible. We will soon hear of their choice and wish the new trustee the best, for all our sakes.


In case it has not come to the notice of many of you folks who have not had any tree removal and sidewalk installation going on in your neighborhood, I would inform you that city streets are starting to look mighty good, very neat and orderly. I am a fan of neat and orderly. Intersections are receiving disability and stroller ramps; many new residential cement pathways and driveways are seen in many blocks.

And for those who lament the loss of trees, I do see where some sidewalks have rounded indentations allowing room for new trees to be planted. In time one will be able to walk anywhere in the city on nice, even sidewalks. That should encourage more residents to get out and walk; and remember: “A healthy city is a happy city” (I know, pretty hokey, but true nonetheless).


So much for the odds and ends, now comes the odd end.

Three years ago, nearly, I did what I assumed would be my last show in community theater here in King City. I am at an age where few roles exist, not an uncommon lament among all theater rats no matter the level of theater involved. I do not fit in the Sol Treasures youth demographic of dancer and singer or crew, and The Stage Hands, now under the leadership of a young man, are seeking to bring in younger performers, as they should. And as for the Monterey County Dance Theatre, I assumed after seven shows, four in the same role, that it was time to take my leave there where younger guest performers were more appropriate.

Well, I was wrong. I have been tasked with the honor of filling a guest role in the 62nd anniversary of “The Nutcracker Ballet,” and while I am over the moon pleased by the opportunity, it has been three years of stage idleness and will take quite an effort to get it right so as to not let the dancers down. And then there is this.

For some time now, I have become increasingly aware of how little I know of my father and his father’s history. I know bits and pieces, mostly from relatives and most of that garnered many years ago. I suppose I am not alone of those who reach their senior years and wish they had said this or that to a parent or knew more about their lives before they became your parent.

Of course this line of thinking, at least in my case, led to thinking about how little my daughter and son and seven grandkids know about me. I want to rectify that as much as possible and that will require quite a few hours at this machine, putting as much of my history down as memory allows. In short, I am going to provide them with my autobiography.

With the commitment to the dance studio and the intent of writing what will I hope amount to tens of thousands of words, it is necessary to sacrifice something somewhere. That said, this will be my last column for a while. I sign off with great gratitude for all those of you who have read this column and enjoyed it. So, if I don’t see you elsewhere, I’ll see you in the funny papers.

Take care. Peace.

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