Photos by Jon Allred
Showing off their map hats are (from left) Pat Morgan with King City Library mascot Monte, Lillian Alvarez, Robin Cauntay, Alonzo Alvarez, Sally Ybarra and Veronica Puente.

Below, “Map Hatters’ Fashion Show” participants included (first photo; back row, from left) Emiliano Ibarra and Jannet Ramos along with Camila Ibarra and Mateo Ibarra; and (second photo; from left) Ines Reyes, Emmanuel Hernandez, Alonzo Alvarez, Pat Morgan (in back), Angela Hernandez, Sarai Reyes, Scarlett Williams (in front), Augustina Reyes and Lillian Alvarez.

KING CITY — Monterey County Free Libraries recently completed its Summer Reading Program titled “Reading Takes You Everywhere,” and the King City branch celebrated last Friday by hosting a fashion show for the young participants to show off their origami hats made from recycled maps.

This year’s Summer Reading Program ran from the first week of June through July 31, featuring reading and crafting activities for the entire family. The Childrens’ Reading Log included an option for bonus activities, one of which involved making origami hats out of donated maps provided by the library.

A total of 273 recycled maps were measured and cut and then given to families along with instructions and ideas to create unique hats. Currently, 66 of these hats are on display at the library, which King City Librarian Robin Cauntay said “inspired other children to participate, but some of the hats just had to go home with their proud owners.”

The library then put on the “Map Hatters’ Fashion Show” on July 27 for youth to show off their hats.

“One of our patrons, a retired elementary school teacher, really appreciated the concept and suggested that the King City Library have our very own fashion show,” Cauntay said. “So, the ‘Map Hatters’ Fashion Show’ was created for the children to show off their creations.”

In addition to the fashion show, the children also made pretend postcards to King City Library from other countries. A whopping 146 of these postcards are posted on the library’s bulletin board. Other activities included hand-crafting rockets, spaceships and planes.

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