Residents take part in the final community walk on Oct. 25 in downtown King City. (Sophia Garcia)

KING CITY — City of King has announced that its weekly community walk, which ended a successful two-month run in October, will continue in the new year.

Launched in partnership with Blue Zones Project Monterey County, the new event featured a leisurely 30-minute walk through the community every Wednesday evening. Residents of all fitness levels would meet downtown at the Town Square first before participating in the group activity, which also welcomed runners and cyclists.

Participants could go at whatever speed they wanted, and even had the option of shortening or lengthening their route based on what they felt comfortable with. 

According to City Manager Steve Adams, the weekly walk was an “opportunity for everyone in the community to come together and make friends, meet City officials, and promote good health and happiness.” He added that it was “intended to be a social activity to have fun while also becoming more active.”

The event kicked off Sept. 6 and continued for the next seven weeks. Each week also featured music, raffle prizes and other entertainment.

City Manager Steve Adams (left) awards a $500 gift card to Joy Flores, who won the grand-prize drawing after participating in the City of King’s weekly community walk on Oct. 25. (Sophia Garcia)

The final community walk of 2023 on Oct. 25 included grand-prize drawings for a $500 gift card and a Kolo mountain bike — won by Joy Flores and Saida Bravo, respectively.

Dancers from Ballet Folklorico Tapatio also performed during the event.

Following the final walk, the City announced that the activity will resume in the spring.

“Thanks to all who joined the final community walk of 2023,” the City posted on social media last month. “… If you haven’t participated yet, don’t miss out, we will resume in spring 2024.”

Blue Zones Project is a community well-being initiative designed to implement built environment improvements, food practices and more active-oriented lifestyles associated with areas around the world where people live the longest. For more information, visit

Saida Bravo won a Kolo mountain bike after participating in the City of King’s weekly community walk. (Contributed)
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  1. What a great way to stay in shape and get to know your neighbors. With the world in such turmoil today, it’s nice to see folks getting out, socializing and having a great time. It’s also a good way to model cooperation and staying active as positive behaviors to our youth. I’d bet that those who walk also pick up litter along the way and if they don’t, maybe they should. Prizes are an added incentive, although I suspect that most of those who walk would do it with or without prizes. Congratulations on your community walk program; it’s a win-win. If I lived King City, I’d be right in the mix every week.

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