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KING CITY — King City in Bloom co-founders Phoebe Cheney and Laurie Slaten were recognized for their leadership and dedication to the community at last week’s city council meeting, where they both received special praise from the City of King.

King City Mayor Mike LeBarre presented commendations to the local duo, who helped create the nonprofit volunteer organization to improve the landscape and appearance of the community.

King City in Bloom is affiliated with the national program America in Bloom, which promotes beautification, cleanliness, landscaping and related efforts in local communities.

“Beautification is an important factor in efforts to enhance economic development, public safety, property values and overall quality of life,” said the mayor’s commendation, adding that these efforts “have been instrumental in creating a renewed pride in our community.”

Some of King City in Bloom’s projects have included the planting of roses in the Broadway Street medians, landscaping improvements at the King City Library and at San Lorenzo Park’s Broadway Street and San Antonio Drive entrance and quarterly trash pick-up events. The volunteer group most recently bought 40 new banners for the fall to place on light poles downtown.

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