Police Briefs | Published Feb. 27, 2019

Note to Readers
Following Police Briefs are obtained from the local police departments.


Feb. 11
12:37 a.m. DUI or drug arrest on S. First St.
1:27 p.m. Lost property report on Bassett St.

Feb. 12
10:57 a.m. Outside assist report on Broadway St.
11:50 a.m. Burglary report on San Antonio Dr.
4:13 p.m. Vehicle tow on Heirloom.

Feb. 13
5:47 p.m. Vehicle tow on S. Second St.

Feb. 14
8:48 a.m. Minor in possession of alcoholic beverage on Broadway St.
9:53 a.m. Found property report on Broadway St.
9:16 p.m. HFA cited for driving on a suspended drivers license on S. First St.

Feb. 15
4:34 a.m. Agency outside assist on Bassett St.
2:45 p.m. Battery report on Creek Bridge Park.
4:05 p.m. Subject violated his probation by possessing meth on Broadway St.

Feb. 16
1:31 a.m. Arrest report on Highway 101 Northbound.
1:39 a.m. DUI arrest on S. San Lorenzo Ave.

Feb. 17
11:59 p.m. Probation violation and arrest on Highway 101 Northbound.



Feb. 15
9:50 a.m. Found property on Pinot Ave.
3:33 p.m. Shoplifting on El Camino Real.
5:47 p.m. Forgery on Walnut Ave.
7:29 p.m. Driving without a license on Elm Ave.
11:38 p.m. HMJ violated probation terms on 11th St.
11:38 p.m. Found juvenile reported missing on 11th St.

Feb. 16
2:34 a.m. Driving with a suspended license on S. El Camino Real.
6:49 p.m. Driving with a suspended license on S. El Camino Real.
7:24 p.m. Battery on Oak Ave.
8:47 p.m. Driving under the influence of alcohol on Hicks Dr.
9:54 p.m. DUI driver rear ended unoccupied parked vehicle on 11th St.
10:22 p.m. Medical call on Borzini Dr.
10:41 p.m. Battery on person on Walnut Ave.
10:45 p.m. Driving under the influence on Alcohol on El Camino Real.

Feb. 17
12:30 a.m. Vehicle registration expired on El Camino Real.
1:49 a.m. DUI on S. El Camino Real.
8:00 a.m. Vandalism defacing property on Hutchinson Dr.
10:41 a.m. Driving without a license on Los Padres Ct.
3:31 p.m. Theft on Walnut Ave.
7:54 p.m. HMA arrested for outstanding warrant on Hutchinson Dr.
8:03 p.m. HMA reported tampering with cell phone line on Moreno St.
8:08 p.m. CPS referral on 5th St.
8:59 p.m. Lost property on 5th St.
11:53 p.m. HMA arrested for two outstanding warrants on El Camino Real.

Feb. 18
8:10 a.m. CPS report on San Simeon Ct.
2:28 p.m. Possession of unlawful paraphernalia on Oak Ave.
7:02 p.m. HMA arrested for false ID to peace officer on Oak Ave.

Feb. 19
11:00 a.m. HMA arrested for warrants or resisting arrests on Tyler Ave.
11:25 a.m. Dog bite on Third St.
12:16 p.m. 72 hour mental health evaluation on Cabernet Ave.
12:32 p.m. Lost property on Oak Ave.
4:20 p.m. Outstanding warrant subject booked, cited and released on El Camino Real.
7:10 p.m. Shoplifting on El Camino Real.
9:22p.m. Juvenile probation violation on 8th St.

Feb. 20
8:19 a.m. HMA arrested for possession of paraphernalia on Tyler Ave.
1:27 p.m. Grand theft on El Camino Real.
1:34 p.m. Prostitution on S. El Camino Real.
2:32 p.m. Medical evaluation on 9th St.
6:18 p.m. Child cruelty on 8th St.
7:19 p.m. False imprisonment on Oak Ave.

Feb. 21
10:02 a.m. CPS referral on Tuscany Wy.
10:47 a.m. HMA arrested for exhibiting a weapon on 10th St.
12:47 p.m. Lost property on Walnut Ave.
2:15 p.m. Suspicious circumstances on S. El Camino Real.
5:05 p.m. Gas leak on Cherry Ave.



Feb. 12
12:30 a.m. Verbal domestic.
8:34 p.m. Past tense hit and run report on San Antonio St.

Feb. 13
8:09 a.m. Past tense fraud on Tolteca Cr.
1:11 p.m. Death report on Front St.
2:40 p.m. Vehicle towed on East St.
4:28 p.m. Death report on Vosti Ave.
5:57 p.m. Domestic unknown on Carmelo St.
8:19 p.m. Extortion on Monterey St.

Feb. 14
3:19 p.m. Domestic violence on Main St.
5:28 p.m. Fraud report on Palm Ave.
9:13 p.m. Theft of personal property on Monterey St.
10:18 p.m. Driving without a license on Front St.
11:36 p.m. Verbal domestic.

Feb. 15
3:50 p.m. Battery on Third St.
5:16 p.m. Vehicle owner let unlicensed driver operate vehicle hearing on Main St.
5:30 p.m. Verbal domestic on Cesar Chavez St.
11:39 p.m. Driver with a suspended license failed to stop at stop sign on Granada St.

Feb. 16
5:17 p.m. Driving without a license on Monterey St.
8:31 p.m. Violation of restraining order on Cesar Chavez St.
11:36 p.m. Reckless driving report possible DUI on Front St. Vehicle crashed into fence and fled scene.

Feb. 17
2:04 a.m. Vehicle check on Red Mustang on Stonewall Canyon Rd.
5:24 a.m. Possession controlled substance on Buena Vista.
7:15 a.m. Verbal dispute on Cordoba St.
9:10 a.m. Vehicle burglary on Main St.

Feb. 18
12:13 a.m. Burglary on Front St.
1:48 a.m. Female patron heavily intoxicated was unruly to customers on Monterey St.
2:10 a.m. Domestic disturbance on Cordoba St.
9:35 a.m. Physical domestic on Johnson Dr.
5:37 p.m. Fraud report on Summerfield St.



Feb. 15
5:38 p.m. Past tense suspicious person on Ninth St.

Feb. 16
7:17 p.m. Trespassing on Fifth St.
10:32 p.m. Hit and run collision on Alta St.
10:37 p.m. DUI on Alta St.

Feb. 17
3:37 p.m. Possession of firearm on prison grounds.

Feb. 18
3:43 p.m. Violation of probation on Fifth St.

Feb. 19
10:05 a.m. Civil issue on S. Alta St.
3:40 p.m. Vehicle repossession on Freedom Wy.

Feb. 20
1:06 a.m. Domestic dispute on Puente Del Monte Ave.
10:19 a.m. Mental health evaluation.

Feb. 21
7:21 a.m. Vehicle burglary.
1:07 a.m. Municipal code violation on Santa Gertrudis Wy.
1:44 p.m. Fight in public place on Fifth St.