Grin: So I sat through our Special Budget Meeting and for three hours I was so stunned. I was speechless. Yeah, I know who me? However, an opportunity to applaud the council and all departments when the meeting finally ended at 9 p.m. Incidentally it was an opportunity to see the new street lights, and they do light up Broadway as hoped. Heading home, overwhelmed and still thinking how each department was not new; however, the leadership is. There in lies the difference over the past years.

Still amazed things have turned around must come from our sense of community, our pride, and determination and our staff working as hard as possible. Each of their departments gave a full report including their goals “it was inspiring.” From Fire Chief ( it’s getting harder to find those volunteers) and Police Chief (only one opening), Building Official, Public Works, Recreation — all are busy, busy and willing to work hard. A cheer for Leadership Team and Leader Steve Adams. For all pay raises.

Grief: Maybe I got it wrong about the MBCP (Monterey Bay Community Power) and thanks to Uribe’s letter, however, the decision has not been finalized, according to our mayor and the others. They have choices I have been told. It’s not too late.

Grin: Best local front-page photos at the Memorial Day ceremonies where you could recognize everyone there. Our Mayor LeBarre gave a speech with passion and spirit. Post Commander Cliff Williams was chosen Veteran of the Year, and is a Vietnam veteran. The VFW brought the wall here for us to see.

Grin: The time has come to meet Brian Walker, Ed. D. Superintendent of So Mo Co Joint Union High School District. Newly hired, now “Bring on the Pride” Dr. Dan Moirao can finally rest. Happily Shirley Laws will be here making for a smooth transition. Board of Director President Paulette Bumbalough’s choice and she is excited to find his background much like ours. He has 29 years in public education, and comes from Central Valley and has taught at all levels. He begins July 1. Welcome Dr. Walker!

Gripe: Yes, I had to go welcome him. I can’t tell you how awful as graduate of KCHS to have our school taken over by the state. Now it’s a new day every where from school to city in leadership and once again we are blessed.

Gripe: Chamber of Commerce was a no show at the budget meeting nor at the memorial wreath hanging. Where are the directors since Brandi left? To keep the things running, a temp is there to keep the doors open and sadly some events have been left out. However, the All American Hamburger BBQ held on June 7, where they share with the Rotary in the park. A lunch I have been looking forward to and because there will be judging of Make King City Bloom Again.

Grin: Tina Lopez has an idea with kitchen theme in mind for an open air market on their property on Wednesdays. Might be easier except for the wind. Kitchen is what is going to market all about. I wish her luck as one who still makes dinner every night.

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