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Well, here it is the Sunday one week before we vote for our favorites. Have you filled out your ballot? The entire world seems to love our method of choosing our own leaders. We may not always get it right, but it sure beats any other methods and it has served us well for the past couple of hundred years. 

This year is going to be hard to beat. We have a couple of wild shots running for office. Too bad we can’t vote our President out. Yes, I am of the opinion that our elected leader is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. (That was my dad’s favorite to call out a liar.) The guy we have today seems to take great pride in the lies that he tells on a regular basis. 

I mean he can look into the camera and talk about his early life and his today life and tell lies about everything he mentions. He actually lied about his being recruited by the Naval Academy, yet they have no record of his attendance. Then he tells you about how he had scholarships to law school and was one of the top of his class. He actually went to the Naval Academy and said those things, which were lies, in front of a Naval Academy graduating class. 

All naval graduates are commissioned into the Navy as an officer. Officers of all the branches of the military are given one rule when they receive their commission. They affirm that they don’t lie and they have no respect for those that do. This is one overarching rule. You can bet he hasn’t been invited back.

Our President has a history of flaunting the one rule that is followed by officers of every branch of service. Since he is also the Commander and Chief of all branches of the military of the United States, you would think he would set an example. From the way he screwed up the pullback from Afghanistan, I would think every member of our military is happy he doesn’t come around too much.

You know I don’t deviate from my opinion that the Republican Party has the answers to most of our problems, if they are allowed to run the train sometimes. You are familiar with the saying: “I don’t get to drive this train or even ring the bell, but if it ever jumps off the tracks, see who catches…” well, you know.

So, the Democrats are in charge. How’s that working out for you? Gas at $5 to $6 a gallon. When the last Republican was in charge, it was under $1.86. This is just something we use every day, so I thought I would cheer you up. I’m not even going to start on the food or formula or everything else.

If you think I am fudging the prices or the true situation, you might want to remember the 13 service men and women that were killed trying to comply with the most ridiculous commands that they were given. Maybe you didn’t get to see the folks falling off the last U.S. plane to leave that cursed country. 

Of course, we can all feel better because of the folks that were left behind. These were folks that had taken a chance by swearing allegiance to the United States. The people that didn’t get out on one of our planes are suffering reprisals from their oppressors. It might have been different if our exalted leader knew what he was doing, but the power of his position kept him from following his General’s orders.

If I seem a little out of sorts, it’s because I just finished the book, “Laptop From Hell.” I know, I can hear you sigh. I have tripped up a couple of times on my recommendations. Whether it was books or movies I keep trying. If you read this book, I assure you that you will never look at Biden or his son, Hunter, the same way again. 

This Hunter kid does not warrant a second look. He is a waste. He was very good at getting money from our allies and enemies. He never forgot to include an extra million dollars from any scam he was pulling to go to “The Big Guy.” I’ll let you figure out who that is. I actually got a real sour taste in my mouth from reading all the terrible things that family has done.   

Biden actually got a special deal put through that allowed Hunter to get into the navy as an officer. This was not an easy thing to do, but he would do anything for his favorite son. Then Hunter reported for duty and was kicked out of the Navy for testing positive for cocaine. By the way, this is the son that had an affair with his deceased brother’s wife.

OK, enough of the news that you hate to read. I must change my direction and remind you that we also have an election here in good old Gonzales. We will be electing a mayor and three councilmembers. I don’t know about you, but I have my favorites already. 

First for mayor, this is a two-year term and I would happily ask that you support Jose Rios. That would be a good deal since he was born in Mexico and is proud to be an American. He is well suited to help direct the council for the next two years. 

Then of course, you should vote for Lorraine Worthy. Hey, I have known this lady for over 40 years and in that time she has never told a lie. The truth is very important when one is spending your money. Check out the new Community Center location across from the high school. She tells me they will start cutting the trees so you can see where it will sit. I can tell you she is nothing like Biden.

Liz Silva is a native of Gonzales, you can bet she is looking out for you and the city. 

There you have it. If you see Biden is running for office, pass him by. If you see any of the three shown here, make sure you give them a vote. Last thing I will say is VOTE. 

God Bless.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed within this column are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of the newspaper or its staff.

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