George Worthy

Do you like living in a small town? Oh say, like Gonzales or Soledad or any of the South County cities? I really love living here. I know just about everyone, and the people that I don’t know well enough to stop and talk with are just friends that I haven’t met yet. The folks I know are friendly and always wave as we walk our dogs or pass them on the street. It may be thought, by some, that it’s OK not to know a bunch of folks, but I think we should know everyone in town.

It may be a little difficult to buy exotic fish or get the newest trend in clothing, but that can be remedied by the internet or driving to the bigger city up north. Since I know so many of the inhabitants, I am also aware when one leaves us for The Better Place. I didn’t personally know anyone that has passed because of the Covid-19 problem, but that has changed.

My blushing bride just stepped into my office to tell me that a real good friend just passed away from complications of Covid-19. I do know we have lost some dear ones to this scourge from China and for them I pray that they are lovingly held in the hands of Our Maker.

In just the past few days, we have lost four of the greatest neighbors anyone could ask for and there is a couple more in poor health. I’m not going to name them in this column because they may not have wanted anyone to grieve. Also, I know it may not seem like it sometimes but this isn’t an obituary column.

Another thing I like about living here is how, when you are having a hard time patching that wall or weeding the garden or even working on your car, there will always be someone that will walk up and tell you what you may have done wrong.

If you are trying to make something that has not been done before, we have folks that can fabricate just about anything you can dream of. The thing about that is they are all so darn friendly. I remember the first time I needed some welding done or have something made that hasn’t been invented yet, I can always get good advice from these folks that have lived here for many years. They make million-dollar machines that make farmers happy and they do it, not from really fancy pages of blue lines. It’s all in their skills.

You know, when I come out to my office each week I sit down and try to remember something the past week that may make someone smile. I write to maybe make someone feel a little better, but I sure can’t do it this week. I’m just going to tell you what I feel about what’s going on in our little corner of the world. I have already mentioned the loss of some of our wonderful neighbors, so I can’t go back, but I’ll just say we have to do something.

I don’t care what political party you belong to because if you think that things are getting better, I could never carry on a conversation with you. The politicians that I see in Washington are ignoring their jobs. No school, no programs, no activity to distract the kids from observing the facts. We are losing our treasure of knowledge a lot sooner than they need to go because those nimrods can’t understand that people need something to do that is productive.

Everybody needs to busy themselves with worthwhile projects. That’s the way we were made. The jerks think we can be bought off with a a check, while they keep us from going to work.

Our schools, which were shining lights for the entire country, are failing miserably. Statewide, fully one half of our high school seniors will not graduate this year. STATEWIDE! Some say it is the politicians, others say it is the teachers unions. Stop and think for a moment, we are losing another year of education for the future of our country!

Kids that have nothing to keep them busy will find ways to entertain themselves. I have lived long enough to know what they can think about. It is never something good. Not because they want to get in trouble, but they have nothing else to do while the morons in our capital walk around like they are mini gods.

I am so angry at this moment as I have just heard about a young man that had ideas of hurting himself. Why does a young person try that? The so-called leaders of this country don’t care, they just care about being re-elected. We must start making our voices heard!

What would a legislator do if they found out someone hurt themselves and they may be part of the reason? Nothing! That’s what they would do. Nothing! Every politician you can think of is gaming the system. All they think of is getting re-elected so they can steal some more of our money.

I have an upset stomach just thinking of those wastrels who walk the halls of congress making up stories to justify your vote. I am writing my representative today because I know one of them came from a good home. I won’t bother our rich senator in congress, as she is also the oldest and couldn’t put a fact together if you numbered the pieces. Please contact your rep and tell them they are destroying the country.

God Bless.

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