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A few weeks ago I wrote about my thoughts concerning the actions of our government. I mentioned that I have a hard time believing just about anything they do that doesn’t make sense. This feeling I have is that our government is full of liars and cheats along with illegal stock trading and abuse of the power of the politicians. If you read this you, are probably aware that I do not trust the people that get to Washington.

The lesson I learned was a very difficult experience. I was very proud to be a soldier. Shoot! I’m still proud that I was a soldier. I committed men to skirmishes where Americans died. I came back home to a land of unrest. I thought that it was a bunch of communists or some other anti-Americans trying to overturn our government and perhaps it was in a small part. However, it was not those folks that showed me how cruel our elected minions could be. It was a career public servant that exposed the actions of everyone in Washington, including the President — 58,200 Americans, men and women died for no real reason at all. They were all about 18 to 19 years of age.

Now, we are killing our children in the Middle East and no plan is in place to extricate them from this morass. We sent them to Iraq to atone for the destruction of the World Trade Center. Then, surprise! We found out that these men that committed this atrocity were financed and sent to America to do us great harm by our allies in Saudi Arabia. Folks that made all their money selling us oil. They are now trying to civilize a tribal country that simply cannot be done in my lifetime. No problem. Just send some more of the cream of our youth over to die for nothing.

I could go on, but I just wanted to point out that no one has clean hands in Washington. Why am I writing about what I have said so often? Because we have another great hoax that is being perpetrated upon us by the elite of Washington. Oh, this coronavirus deal. I believed, at first, that they were telling the truth. Then the proclamations became more and more oppressive and unsubstantiated.

“Go home and shelter in place,” we were told. But wait! What about money or food for our children? “Oh, we will give you a check for a thousand dollars or so.” “Yes, but what about the people that didn’t file a tax return in 2019?” “Oh, you mean people like the farmworkers?” “Oh, yeah, well they have a critical job so they have to go to work, in a 48-passenger bus, sitting side by side.” Teachers and students can study by computer. “Wait! We have no lesson plans.” That’s OK, just stay at home.

Then the death statistics became bizarre. Hundreds and then thousands were dying of this mysterious malady. What about all the other deaths that happen in the course of life? Nobody was dying of anything else. All the deaths were being reported as CV deaths. They still are if you haven’t noticed.

Some of us were getting a little suspicious that things just didn’t make sense. We wondered why doctors, nurses, police and civil servants were exempt. We could buy food from Costco or Walmart but not from a farmers market. Not from the little guy trying to make a living after his customers were told to go home. Restaurants couldn’t open, but they could sell food to-go. Liquor stores are vital businesses, and to be honest, I think that’s cool. After running from anyone that might be a carrier so I don’t get infected, I can’t think of anything better than a stiff drink.

Then the masks! Oh the masks. You must wear a mask against the virus! You can make them since the government has bought all the pre-made ones. Of course, when you wear this mask it doesn’t fit everyone the same. Those little areas that are not against your skin is like letting the flies come in on a hot day. I just wonder if anyone that says things like that are aware of how small a virus is. The federal politicians were having all the fun, so the local politicians started making illegal laws to keep us reminded who is actually in charge. Newsom is behind all these stupid laws, and to think I almost considered voting for him.

The kids celebrating the end of the school year by going to the beach or having parties were told they would die soon. They didn’t, but that wasn’t reported. They probably wouldn’t save you, but we must try to stay out of the way of the rule makers. However, the local pols couldn’t stand it, so they kept making it harder to just go for a walk. The masks remind us, in case we forget, that a deadly virus is loose. The police are given great power without any legal standing. Writers like me are being shushed. The dark knight has risen.

This home arrest we are on is certainly crazy! The longer this goes on, the harder it will be to wear long pants again. Happy hour is starting earlier and earlier. I’m using wine in my cereal. The weather man on Channel 8 said today’s weather is room temperature. Next week I’m going to explain to you which certain elected officials that should have egg on their faces. God Bless.

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