SOUTH COUNTY — The Wahine Project is gearing up for its Summer Beach Camp and is offering discounts on their programming to South Monterey County residents in need of financial assistance.

Founder Dionne Ybarra, who is of Mexican American descent, had an interest in surfing growing up; however, the majority of surfers she was seeing were white and male and she wanted to make sure that her organization’s programming catered to women and people of color too.

Ybarra applied for a grant through the California State Coastal Conservancy to provide transportation to youth members from South County for one week over the summer, with two pick-up spots in Soledad and Gonzales. Parents are welcome on the ride as well.

“Anybody from South County can get the discounted price, but the transportation is only offered for one week during the summer,” Ybarra said.

About 50 youth can take part in the each week of the summer beach programming, and five spots are available for a new soccer program for girls ages 9 to 14. The Summer Beach Camp is open to male and female youth ages 5 to 17 years old.

The Wahine Project Summer Beach Camp consists of 11 weeks over the summer, June 3 to Aug. 16  and it’s the third year summer programming has been offered to South County residents.

Plans are also underway to open up a Ocean Leadership program to 15 students from the area to represent the entire County of Monterey and provide transportation.

To receive an application for the Wahine Project scholarship, contact [email protected].

Deadlines are available on the website. If you are applying for the scholarship, the Project is asking for you not to register and pay for camp online. If your request is accepted, there will be a code to proceed with the online registration.

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