Police Reports are obtained from the local police departments.


Feb. 4
12:46 a.m. Dead body found on 7th St.
1:47 a.m. Strong army robbery on El Camino Real.
11:41 a.m. Domestic violence on McDonald Wy.
5:19 p.m. Assault and possession of drug paraphernalia on Pinot Av.
10:35 p.m. False id; open container; public intoxication on 12th St.

Feb. 5
3:59 p.m. APS Referral on Dart Wy.
4:07 p.m. CPS Referral on 10th St.
4:23 p.m. DUI on Maple Av.
5:12 p.m. APS Referral on Del Ponte Dr.
5:20 p.m. Burglary on 7th St.
8:57 p.m. DUI and probation violation on 12th St.

Feb. 6
12:49 p.m. Theft on 8th St.
8:43 p.m. Verbal domestic on Maple Av.

Feb. 7
5:13 a.m. Traffic collision (vehicle versus bicyclist) on El Camino Real.
11:12 p.m. Info Report on Apple Av.

Feb. 8
10:06 a.m. Warrant on Cabernet Av.
5:20 p.m. Unlawful fire on Walnut Av.

Feb. 9
8:15 a.m. Petty Theft on 11th St.
9:37 a.m. Burglary on Hicks Dr.
2:00 p.m. Marijana sales at school on S El Camino Real.
3:51 p.m. Felony warrant on US Hwy 101.
5:06 p.m. Petty Theft on El Camino Real.
9:16 p.m. Municipal code violation on 7th St.

Feb. 10
2:21 p.m. Missing person on Maple Av.
2:35 p.m. DUI on Maple Av.
3:54 p.m. Sexual assault on El Camino Real.
4:35 p.m. Suspicious circumstances (threats) on Las Manzanitas Dr.
5:04 p.m. Animal bite on Tuscany Wy.
11:28 p.m. DUI on Elm Av.

Feb. 11
12:51 a.m. DUI on El Camino Real.
6:20 p.m. Domestic violence on Madera Av.


Feb. 1
11:47 a.m. Property vandalism (mailbox) on Angus Dr.
2:20 p.m. Repossessed vehicle on Semillon Wy.
10:47 p.m. Suspicious circumstances on S Alta St.

Feb. 4
11:11 a.m. Theft from a vehicle on Barbera Wy.

Feb. 5
12:37 a.m. Found property (iPad) on Devon Wy.
1:42 p.m. Stolen property on Fifth St.

Feb. 6
8:26 a.m. Trespassing advisement on Elko St.
1:26 p.m. Fraud (checks) on Alta St.

Feb. 7
11:44 a.m. Assault (elder abuse) on Sixth St.
2:05 p.m. Traffic collision on Fifth St.
5:26 p.m. Medical call response.
8:36 p.m. Codes and ordinances violation (illegal vendor) on Puente Del Monte St.

Feb. 8
3:53 p.m. Found property (bicycle) on Fifth St.

Feb. 10
2:33 a.m. Vehicle towed (expired registration over six months) on B St.
12:48 p.m. Lost property on Cabernet Dr.
4:38 p.m. Dogs at Large on Devon Wy.
8:22 p.m. Agency outside assistance on Alta St.

Feb. 11
11:07 p.m. Vehicle towed (expired registration over six months) on First St.

King City and Soledad police reports were not available.

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