Students in San Lucas break ground on a project they inspired for sidewalk improvements and roadway reconstruction on June 13. (Contributed)

SAN LUCAS — A groundbreaking for sidewalk improvements and roadway reconstruction in San Lucas took place June 13, with the help of Monterey County Supervisor Chris Lopez, Monterey County Public Works, San Lucas Union School District Superintendent Jessica Riley and community members.

The proposed project will install sidewalks, curbs, ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps, driveway approaches, drainage swales and pavement rehabilitation along several streets, primarily San Benito and Main streets, within the South Monterey County town.

According to Lopez, San Lucas students were the “driving force behind the sidewalk improvements as they saw the need in their community.”

Letters written by the students were sent to Lopez, their local elected official, expressing the need for safe routes to school.

Lopez said their actions “led to advocacy,” and because of their collective voice, the county listened by funding the project through CDBG funding.

After a short ceremony with Lopez, students armed with golden shovels kicked off the project, which is expected to be completed before school starts in the fall.

Monterey County Supervisor Chris Lopez (far right) speaks during a short ceremony before the June 13 groundbreaking in front of San Lucas Union School. (Contributed)
A groundbreaking for sidewalk improvements and roadway reconstruction in San Lucas took place June 13. (Contributed)
Monterey County Supervisors Luis Alejo (left) and Chris Lopez (middle) talk with residents about the San Lucas project, which the county funded through CDBG funding. (Contributed)
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