Little League
Daniel Silva pitches for the King City 12 and under Little League All-Star team on Saturday against Soledad in Gonzales. (Michael Ramirez)

SALINAS VALLEY — Little League teams from South Monterey County are participating in the California District 2024 All-Star Tournaments that began last weekend.

Baseball games from the ages of 7-9, 8-10, 9-11 and 11-12 are going on all over Monterey County.

In the 11-12 division, Soledad started the tournament with an 8-7 win over King City on Saturday in Gonzales.

Alexander Preciado started the game for Soledad and Max Guzman was the closing pitcher. Noah Olivas hit two clutch bunts, moving a runner to third base and bunted in a run to help Soledad take the lead. Josiah Toscano was applauded by Coach Chris Camacho for his defensive efforts.

Soledad played against Manzanita on Monday against Continental.

Little League
Noah Olivas of the Soledad 12 and under Little League All-Star team bunts over a teammate on Saturday against King City. (Michael Ramirez)

Daniel Silva pitched for King City, which played their second game of the All-Star Tournament on Tuesday.

In the 11 and under division, Gonzales went 1-1 to start their tournament after a 6-0 loss on Saturday to Hartnell and a 10-8 win over National at King City on Sunday.

The Gonzales 10 and under team beat Continental by an 11-0 score in their first game of the tournament on Sunday. Gonzales finished with 16 hits in the game.

Adrian Hernandez earned the win as Gonzales allowed zero hits and scored five runs in the second inning on four hits. Andrew Lujan hit an inside-the-park homerun.

In other games this past weekend, the King City 9 and under team lost to Hollister 14-0 and the 10 and under team lost to Hollister by a 15-0 score. The Soledad 10 and under team defeated Greenfield by a 4-2 score to advance to the next round of games that will be contested this week.

Little League
Jacob Villalobos pitches for the Gonzales Little League 11 and under All-Star baseball team against Hartnell in Soledad on Saturday. In the background are teammates Boogie Diaz and Diego Serrano. (Michael Ramirez)
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