To the Editor:

Here is what my beliefs are about birth control. If you’ve never been someone who thought they were pregnant when they didn’t want to be, you probably don’t understand the feelings of someone in that situation. 

I’ll start by saying, I’ve never been a huge proponent of abortions, but I’ve never thought abortions should be outlawed. I’ve always thought women should take control of their lives and make decisions early about pregnancy. 

Birth control should be available to all females. That’s why health care workers and Planned Parenthood are so important in our lives.

Now that many women will not have as many options about what they can do about an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, it is probably time to share some easy options. We need to do something positive.

The morning-after pill is an easy and safe way to prevent pregnancy if women think there is a possibility of becoming pregnant when they do not choose that condition for themselves. It is a one-time tablet taken within 72 hours of exposure. It can be obtained without a prescription at many pharmacies. However, some women might not know about this option or be able to pay for the medication.

I believe birth control and the morning-after pill should be made easily available for all women and adolescents in our country. Then perhaps there would not be so many unwanted pregnancies, traumatized women and uncared-for children.

So for me, a woman, a nurse, I want to help make the choice of birth control and the morning-after pill easy for all females. Join me to help give women more choices and control over their lives.

Barbara Pekema
King City

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