KING CITY — With California scheduled to require all cars to be zero emission by 2035, King City is planning ahead to help accommodate the shift in vehicle technology that will take place over the next decade.

The City of King is working to ensure sites are identified throughout the community to provide for the recharging infrastructure necessary to accommodate demand, as federal and state grant funding and tax rebates become available for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and electric vehicles.

“One of the City’s established priorities for the upcoming fiscal year is to plan and obtain grant funding for sustainability and resiliency projects,” according to City Manager Steve Adams. “A major component of this effort will be to establish King City as a leader in providing an extensive network of electric vehicle charging stations.”  

The new plan will be discussed by the King City Council during its Tuesday, April 11, meeting at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 212 S. Vanderhurst Ave. The public is invited to attend to provide input.

The initial proposed EV charging station sites in King City include: City Hall (2 spaces); Public Works Corporation Yard (2 spaces); Downtown Electric Vehicle Charging Station (5 spaces); City Park (2 spaces); Golf Course (2 spaces); and San Antonio Park (2 spaces).

The major feature of the plan is a dedicated Downtown Electric Vehicle Charging Station proposed at 225 Broadway St. The project will replace a blighted and decayed old vacant parcel with new pavement, landscaping, public art and initially five spaces dedicated with universal EV fast-charge stations.

Additional charging stations will be added as demand increases until all spaces have charging stations and are dedicated for electric vehicles. Property acquisition and construction is projected in early 2024.

“The project is being coordinated with other improvements to revitalize and beautify the downtown area to create a more active and enjoyable downtown,” Adams said. “The electric vehicle charging stations are proposed to attract visitors to the downtown area to help attract new businesses and jobs.”  

City of King is also working with private-sector providers to continue to expand the installation of EV stations on private properties by private entities, particularly at businesses easily accessible from Highway 101.

According to Adams, the City was one of the first municipalities to be approved as compliant with the State of California’s expedited permitting process goals for new EV charging stations and is currently implementing a new system for even faster permitting issuance and payments.

Support for the transition to zero-emissions vehicles will help improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce climate change.

“All these goals combine to promote a better quality of life for the King City community,” Adams said.

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