Dr. Nesreen Khraisha works in internal medicine at King City Clinic and has advanced to the quarterfinals in the 2023 Ms. Health and Fitness competition. (Contributed)

KING CITY — Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine is holding a competition that invites female fitness lovers to vie for a chance to become the magazine’s 2023 Ms. Health and Fitness. 

The winner will be featured on the cover and win $20,000.

Dr. Nesreen Khraisha works in internal medicine at Mee Memorial Healthcare System’s King City Clinic and has advanced to the quarterfinals in the competition. If selected, she would be the first female M.D. to appear on the cover of a fitness magazine.

Khraisha’s fitness journey began when she was 18 and went to a gym for the first time. She took a pilates class, followed by one in kick boxing, and then weight training. Fitness became a lifelong passion and one she pursues with consistency, which she says is the key to fitness.

She spends five days a week in the gym, and when asked about her workout routine, she says, “After work I go to the gym, and ask myself, ‘What would make me happy?’ And then I do that work out. Doing what makes you happy is an important part of getting and staying fit.”

Khraisha says her passion for fitness has a positive effect on her work at Mee Memorial as a physician, saying, “It gives me greater endurance, stamina, and mental clarity. It also develops a work ethic that is very beneficial. When you are pursuing fitness goals you have to push yourself and work hard.”

If Khraisha wins the competition, she says she will donate the $20,000 prize to the Clinic nurses at Mee Memorial because “without the community and nurses I would not have moved forward to the quarter finals. Their support has been overwhelming and very touching. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see them so invested in putting a female M.D. on the cover!”

The Ms. Health and Fitness competition quarterfinals voting opened June 12 and ends June 22. Those wanting to vote for Khraisha can go to bit.ly/3NnkHoq.

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