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KING CITY — The majority of King City Community Power (KCCP) residential customers will receive a gift card from KCCP within the next few days.

“As a community-operated power provider, KCCP is able to dedicate excess revenues to the community through projects addressing community needs, lower rates or rebates,” according to City Manager Steve Adams. “In the absence of KCCP, these revenues would become corporate profits for the utility company.”

This year, the City Council voted to dedicate over 75% of the available excess revenues to rebates to customers in the form of a one-time gift card.

The criteria for receiving a rebate are based on timely payments, minimum usage and type of account. As a result, customers may receive higher or lower gift card amounts, or some may not receive a gift card if they do not meet the minimum criteria.

The card value expires on the date noted on the card. Therefore, customers are encouraged to activate the card as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits. It is also important to write down the card number because the cards cannot be replaced if damaged, lost or stolen without it.

“The card can be used just like any VISA card for purchases including gas (except pay at the pump), groceries, entertainment and other expenses,” according to Adams. “The rebates were approved by the City Council to express their sincere appreciation for being a KCCP customer.”

Some of the other community benefits KCCP has provided in the past include reduced rates, new solar street and park lights, roof top solar programs, and sustainable, renewable energy supplies. This year, remaining excess revenues will be used to help construct electric vehicle charging stations.

Customers who have opted out of KCCP in the past and would like to reconsider can do so by simply contacting 833-888-KING (5464). Customers may also contact this number with questions about the gift card or other KCCP information.

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