Pinnacles National Park condor egg
Condor 868 stands in a nest cavity with an egg behind him. (Gavin Emmons/NPS Photo)

SOLEDAD — Pinnacles National Park biologists have confirmed the first condor egg within the park for 2024.

The parents, Condors 868 and 931, are a new pair and have chosen a nest cavity in a place that no condors have used before.

Condor 868 is a 6-year-old male who was first released at Pinnacles back in 2018, and Condor 931 is a 5-year-old female released by Ventana Wildlife Society at its San Simeon release pen in 2019.

“Their egg has a long road ahead of it before hatch and will need to be kept warm and protected at all hours of the day,” stated the park on social media March 23. “Luckily, condors are great at sharing parental duties!”

Park biologists expect to see each parent take turns incubating the egg for two to four days at a time. While one parent is incubating, the other is out foraging and socializing with other condors in the area. 

The park will be closely monitoring Condors 868 and 931 to see if this newly established couple’s nest succeeds this year.

“There is still time for more condors to lay eggs this year and park staff are hopeful that 2024 might be the first year with four condor nests in the park at once,” the park added. “We will keep you updated as the condor nesting seasons unfolds.”

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