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KING CITY — Longtime King City attorney Peter D. Anderson died in September 2022 following 55 years of dedicated legal and community service.

Since his death, the process of closing Anderson’s law office is underway so that his clients can retrieve their files and get new legal representation of their choosing.

Anderson served many clients during his 55 years and maintained files dating back to when he practiced with his partners, John Hutton, Ed Foley, Don Bolles and Bruce Kitchin. He asked John Kesecker, who practiced in King City for 10 years before joining the law firm of Fenton & Keller, to assist in any transition that might be necessary in the event of his death.

“We are doing our best to make sure that Peter’s clients get their files back to them,” Kesecker said. “The task is more difficult and time consuming than one might imagine. Pete maintained a lot of client files, some including original estate planning documents. Many of the people who Pete represented have passed away, moved, or changed their phone numbers.”

Kesecker is asking anyone who had files with Anderson, or if they are the legal representative of a client who had files with him, to call the office at 831-385-5428 soon to schedule an appointment and arrange to pick them up. For anyone who is out of the area, Kesecker can have the files mailed to them.

“Peter’s passing leaves a big hole for needed legal services in South County,” he said. “We truly honor his 55 years of serving this community, which he dearly loved. Our primary goal is to get files back to where they belong by the end of March, so it is important for people to call right away to make arrangements to get their files.”

Kesecker added that once they can effectively get Anderson’s files back to where they belong, Fenton & Keller plans to open a King City branch office, hopefully this summer.

“I live in South Monterey County and understand the need to have competent legal counsel in this community,” Kesecker said. “Fenton & Keller views having a staffed office in King City as a great opportunity to serve South County. But, before we can focus on that, I need to devote full attention to properly closing Peter’s office.”

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