By Angelo Manzano

SOLEDAD — The occasional three-digit weather over the past few weeks didn’t stop faithful Zumba enthusiasts from getting their fitness on outdoors during last Saturday’s community event, “Summer Fun Zumba 2017,” at Eden Valley Care Center.

Five instructors of the Latin-inspired dance fitness program came from all over Monterey County, bringing with them people from different age groups, backgrounds and fitness levels.

Now in its fourth consecutive year, Zumba community events at Eden Valley have been consistently a hit among locals and visitors alike, especially to Hispanic residents since many of the songs used during the hour-and-a-half-long event are by popular favorites like Celia Cruz, Selena, Pedro Fernandez and more contemporary artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi, who sang the worldwide hit “Despacito.”

“It was a hot day, but we were hotter,” jokes one of the instructors.

This year, Eden Valley’s Activities Director Angelo Manzano teamed up with Soledad Medical Clinic’s Registered Dietitian Julia Snell to come up with healthy snacks and refreshments for event participants. Snell, who has been actively educating the community about diabetes and the importance of a healthy, balanced diet through weekly education sessions and bi-monthly cooking classes, thought that adding healthy snacks into the mix will make the event even more health-focused.

Stay updated with Eden Valley’s special community events by checking its Facebook page “Eden Valley Care Center Official,” where more photos from the event can be found.

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