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May 20, 2024

Tag: Mee Memorial Healthcare System

King City educators, city staff get vaccinated for Covid-19

KING CITY — Mee Memorial Healthcare System administered more than 600 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to employees of King City Union School District and...

Mee Memorial Healthcare System board appoints new trustees

KING CITY — Mee Memorial Healthcare System’s (MMHS) governing body has appointed two new members to its Board of Trustees, responsible for ensuring quality...

Guest Column | Vaccines: Every Day Matters

It’s been a cold, dark year. But now, after a global pandemic brought unthinkable trauma and heartache, Covid-19 vaccines represent a bright, warm ray...

Monterey Bay Aquarium loans freezer to help Mee Memorial fight coronavirus

KING CITY — Monterey Bay Aquarium has loaned a freezer capable of reaching sub-zero temperatures to Mee Memorial Healthcare System in an effort to...

King City leaders discuss vaccinations, future events

KING CITY — Local assets could soon be utilized to further combat the Covid-19 pandemic and annual events may trickle back into operation as...

Guest Column | Let’s Remain Vigilant, But Don’t Neglect Your Health

Even as Covid-19 vaccinations roll out across the country, the daily threat from this virus remains — especially in rural areas such as South...

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