Track resurfaced at King City High

Photo by Michael Ramirez
Blue exchange zones at the King City High School track area stand out on the resurfaced facility. Beynon Sports Surface completed the work in four weeks.

KING CITY — A brand new gray and blue all-weather track surface was laid down last month at War Memorial Stadium in King City. The 440-yard nine-lane track became an all-weather facility in 2006.

“The track was getting worn down, and because the district resurfaced Greenfield’s last year, they were able to have ours done by the same company this year,” said King City High School Athletic Director Ralph Rianda. “Beynon Sports Surface out of Fresno came to do the work and it took them four weeks to complete the job. We are pleased with the work they did.”

According to longtime track and field coach David Daines, the track had work done in 2015 as new bindings and new granules were poured on the surface. When the work did not do what it was supposed to do, Beynon Sports came in to completely resurface the King City track.

“We have a strong base under the track and it is really solid,” said Daines. “The blue track we had was made of a latex material, the blue track does not do as well in the sun and the wind and so we chose to go with gray for most of the track and blue in the exchange zones. Red is actually the color that does the best in the sun but we chose the gray as it is the next best color as it does not fade easily. The polyurethane material is made to last and we have a deal where the company will come in and check the facility after five years to clean the surface and look for any damage.”

Daines added, “The track gets plenty of use as the PE programs sometimes run up to seven 45-minute classes out there. We really want to encourage people to use the last three outside lanes when they are on the track.”

Having the eight-inch base under the track will give the new surface stability and strength. The runways for the long jump, triple jump and pole vault are blue, as well as the apron for the high jump area. The elevated pole vault runway is probably the highest in the area.


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