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King City barbecue raises $13K to help Texas hurricane victims

KING CITY — King City residents and community members came together Sunday to help raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas at the King City Shopping Center, bringing in a total of $13,262.

Connie Bauer came up with the idea for the fundraiser. Bauer wanted to do something for the hurricane victims and wrote a post on Facebook and the people of King City came out in droves, according to Bauer.

"I don't personally know anyone from Texas, but just watching the news and devastation, it was just one person to another, we’re all in this country together," Bauer said. "

The Sept. 10 fundraiser effort included a Swiss sausage barbecue with a group of 10 males who cooked about 650 sausages for lunches. The cooks were aided by volunteers who cut rolls and wrapped the sandwiches in aluminum.

Another part of the fundraiser was raffle items that were donated to the cause

"Every dollar we take in is going to the relief effort," said Bauer.

The proceeds from the King City barbecue fundraiser will go toward the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Houston Food Bank and Friends for Life Animal Rescue, an animal rescue center that is helping to house animals until the owners are found.

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