John Jernigan stands near the recently installed historic photo of Los Ositos Garage circa 1917 in the office for King City Union School District at 104 South Vanderhurst Ave. (Contributed)

KING CITY — Large historic photos of King City have been placed around town thanks to a grant from the Rita and Luis Echenique Charitable Foundation.

The grant was received by the King City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture through the work of local historians John and Karen Jernigan. The Jernigans’ vision is to “help those who live and visit here to see and appreciate scenes from the past that have led to the future we enjoy now.”

Historic images that the Jernigans have collected were sent to Kirk Kennedy Studios in Salinas and enlarged into 4-foot-by-3-foot canvases. They then approached owners of local businesses and buildings to request permission to hang them where they are visible to the public.

Recently installed were the following seven photos:

  • Los Ositos Garage is in the office for King City Union School District at 104 South Vanderhurst Ave.;
  • The Monterey County Bank photo is hanging in California Gourmet Pizza at 232 Broadway;
  • The King City Garage photo (315 Broadway) is in the storefront showcase of E & E Property Management across the street on the 300 block of Broadway;
  • The Railroad corrals photo is in the lobby of the King Car Wash and Auto at 122 South First St.;
  • There are two Salinas River Bridge photos, one from 1909 and another from 1912, which are being displayed in windows of vacant stores at the King City Center at 560 Canal St.; and
  • The payday photo of soldiers during WWII cashing checks at Bank of America is at Kasey Tertullian’s TMC Mercantile at 301 Broadway.

Other similar large photos can be found at Hestia Coffee at 320 Broadway, showing the old Vendome Hotel, and in the Council Chamber of City Hall on South Vanderhurst, showing the 1936 downtown parade that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the town.

The late Rita and Luis Echenique were long-time residents of South Monterey County. They were married in 1954 and lived on the Echenique Ranch near San Lucas for 12 years, then later lived many years in King City.

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