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MONTEREY COUNTY — With the support of a pivotal grant from the California Department of Aging, the Alliance on Aging (AOA) is embarking on a transformative journey to foster age- and disability-friendly communities across Salinas, North and South Monterey County.

This initiative, part of the Local Aging and Disabilities Action Plan (LADAP), aims to address the unique needs of older adults and individuals with disabilities, focusing on creating inclusive, supportive environments.

Phoebe Cheney, a dedicated committee member and a lifelong resident of South Monterey County, highlights the critical nature of AOA’s work.

“As someone who has lived and worked here for over 50 years, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges faced by our aging population and those with disabilities — challenges like transportation to medical services, social isolation, and caregiving needs,” Cheney said. “The Alliance on Aging and many other community partners are not just recognizing these issues but are actively working toward solutions by studying our rural agricultural communities and enhancing services to make our towns more age and disability-friendly.”

This community outreach campaign is a cornerstone of AOA’s efforts to engage with residents and stakeholders through a structured three-phase process:

  • Phone Call Surveys in March to directly connect with community members;
  • Online Surveys in April, offering a convenient platform for broader community input; and
  • Listening Sessions and Community Forums in the summer, aimed at fostering dialogue and collecting diverse perspectives.

“It is exciting to be a key partner with Alliance on Aging on this community initiative, which gives voice to so many in our diverse community of people with disabilities as well as older adults,” said Maria Magana, project coordinator from Central Coast Center for Independent Living. “Our goal is to create our own local plan for an Age and Disabilities Friendly community that will live on into the future.”

For more information on how to participate in this vital initiative, visit Alliance on Aging’s website or contact Teresa Sullivan at [email protected].

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