Mission launches online campaign

GoFundMe page to raise money for restoration project


JOLON — The Campaign for the Preservation of Mission San Antonio de Padua Foundation Board President Al Parolini has launched a Go Fund Me page to raise the funds needed to complete the State of California’s mandated seismic retrofit and restoration of the mission located in Jolon.

The Foundation, a 501(c)(3), was formed in 2010 after the state mandated that all unreinforced masonry buildings must be seismic retrofitted or face closure. Total funds raised and invested in the seismic retrofit project from 2012 through December 2017 are just over $7.6 million.

The campaign has an immediate need for $450,000 to complete Phase IV of the project.

“After seven years we are excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to be so close to finishing the retrofit to preserve Mission San Antonio. Our hope is to complete the project this year,” Parolini said.

Major accomplishments since 2010 include:

• Completed a historic evaluation in 2011 that was used to develop a comprehensive five-phase project plan

• Began fundraising in 2012

• Began Phase I in August 2014, completed in September 2015, cost $3 million

• Completed Phase II in May 2016, cost of $1.7 million

• Completed Phase III in December 2016, cost of $1.4 million

• Began Phase IV in January 2017, cost of $1.1 million

The campaign is comprised of an all-volunteer board of directors, with organizational expenses paid by members of the board. About 99.7 percent of all donations go directly to the restoration campaign.

California’s third mission, Mission San Antonio, was established in 1771 and is a designated California Historical Landmark (No. 232). Today, Mission San Antonio sits in practically the same setting as it did 240 years ago. In fact, it has been said that the Mission San Antonio is the only California mission its founders would recognize today.

With the completion of the seismic retrofit and historic preservation, the mission will remain open to the general public and continue to serve elementary, high school and university students as they study early California history.

To learn more about the Campaign for the Preservation of Mission San Antonio, go to www.preservemissionsanantonio.org, and to donate to the Go Fund Me page, go to www.gofundme.com/preserve-mission-san-antonio-de-pad.


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